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Project Description
I had a suspicion that I was being serial downvoted on StackOverflow. This project provides a framework for you to watch your reputation and that of your adversaries. This approach works for me as I am narrow of focus and my troll contributes no positive reputation to the site..

The way reputation works,
  • An upvoted answer provides +10
  • An upvoted question provides +5
  • A downvoted questions provides -2
  • A downvoted answer will lose 2 reputation points for the Answerer while the down vote vote caster will lose 1.

However, actual actions are hidden from users so you cannot determine with 100% certainty that user D downvoted user A.

However, by observing the reputation of users A and D, you can attempt to correlate last seen time of user D to decreases in reputation for both A and D.

Real world usage

Here's an example of serial downvoting that resulted in the votes being reversed. I lost and regained 22 points due to serial downvoting. The "unupvote" was the user swinging an upvote to a downvote because I steal SSIS answers.

Every 10 minutes, SQL Agent fires off the executable and records public reputation. I am 181965 and my buddy is 2517150. This is what my query showed.

What you can see is that at the 13:30 snapshot, my friend has lost 1 reputation and I have lost 2. The 13:10 snapshot is rather confusing but suffice it to say, the change in reputation is likely tied to their activity. Further corroborating this is the 22 reputation I regained as the algorithm repaid me for the trouble and the fact that this user also gained back reputation.

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